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International students

Campus ministry for international students in universities and schools of further education.

Campus ministry promotes, encourages, and engages all aspects of wellbeing and faith life on schools and universities in Helsinki. We in campus ministry want warmly welcome you to study in Helsinki.  

All chaplains represent evangelical-lutheran church but our priciple is to provide opportunities and help for members of all faith traditions as they work, study, and live life here. Whether you’re interested in a specific program or event, or if you’d just like to talk to someone, we are always here for you. Regardless of the faith background that you bring to this place, Campus Ministry seeks to meet you where you are and to assist you as you grow here into the person that God has created you to be!

When you feel like talking to someone. When you need ears to listen to you. When your life is in crises and you need support. When someone has died and you need a shoulder to cry on. When you need someone to talk about religious matters. We are there for you.

With chaplains you can talk about anything between heaven and earth: joy, longing, sorrow or happiness as well as everyday life. We offer our support and professional competence in religious and ethical matters and work for the welfare of the both students and staff, regardless of any particular religious affiliation or none. You can also ask about different spiritual activities and support in Helsinki. Contact info here.

Making Room for Peace and Prayer

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